OMG, it's an update

No, I promise I'm still alive >.>;  I really am...  I just... don't remember to update this thing.  Also there's normally nothing to talk about.

However - there have been a few new things in my life so I figured I would write them here and stuff.


New fandoms.

Yep - you guys saw this coming.  I always post about my fandoms >.>;

That being said....

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Okay, moving on from that.  In other news, I am now a staffer at a new up-and-coming fandub site. ^^  Our first dub project is going to be Macross ^^  Soooo, I'll keep you guys posted as to when we hold auditions (first round auditions are done for now - but soon we'll set up a casting audition for it.  I'll keep you guys updated in case anyone wants to try out.)

Maa... I guess that's all?   Other than that my life sucks as usual ^^;  I miss spending time with my friends that are you know... not online.  I've been spending too much time watching shows or playing MMORPGs (now have gotten into LotRO - awesome game, and free to play~).  I've made quite a few friends from that and it's been... fun?  But I still wish I could get out and do stuff.  Maa~

Need to start working on cosplays again -.-;  SMILE, Philip, Hino Eiji, and Nagomi Ryoutarou are allllll coming with me to my next con @.@.

Bai for now~
Bloody Monday - Friends

Look look! It's an update!

Are you shocked yet? I know I am. I haven't updated this thing in months. I fail at life. So, before I start rambling - how is everyone? Anything new with peoples?

My life has been... oddly hectic. o.o; Not only have I gotten into new fandoms (which I will tell you about in a minute), made new friends (again, a minute), but I've also MOVED. Yes, you heard right - moved.

Ooooookay - so I guess I'll start off at the beginning and move forward.

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Anyway, that catches you guys up on the living to introduce my new fandoms~ <3

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Long post was long...hope you enjoyed the rants~ <3 Now... as it's 7 in the morning and I haven't slept.... night night.
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Okay... long story extremely short as I think I may pass out where I sit.

I'm doing better now. Thank you everyone for your thoughts. It still hurts but due to a lot of stuff I healed pretty much quickly (or maybe it's that I just... haven't had time to think about it with the meet up yesterday and other issues). Regardless, at the moment I'm not too bad.

As for yesterday, it was awesome and made of win and stuff. Paula and Rachel are even more awesome in person. Super sweet and ADORABLE in cosplay (I kid not, so freakin awesome! Paula did Oishi *uh, duh* and Rachel pulled off a wonderful Gakuto~) And to make things even more fun the rest of us did closet cosplay as well (Rose did Fuji, Kat did Ryoma, I did Eiji as per request by Paula *though it was FAIIIIIIL! I hand colored the wig and it was WAY too bright but as it was a 17 hour job... nope, wasn't going to do it again x.x;*, and then my new friend Nicole did a great Yuushi~ <3).

But it was pretty much awesome with hardly any bad points. I was stressing about... just about everything so I couldn't be completely in character x.x;;; (SORRY! >.>;) It was also zomg hot - and not the hot that Paula's used to - it was the icky humid hot and we were all MELTING. -.-;;;; I got... sunburned... which was not fun - but hey, when I took off the Eiji bandage last night I had a pale strip on my face *gigglefit*

We had a good time in general, though to me it all seemed a little rushed and I really wish we could've stayed longer. ;__; Geh - I can't believe A1 Rachel and Paula will be sooooooooooo far away after next month. I mean, yeah, Alabama is far... and Cali is farther... but Japan... yep, no way I can make that any time soon. >.<

Still, though it's a little sad to think of now, it was a lot of fun and I would really like to meet up with everyone again. (Speaking of... Oishi... if I can pull it off I may come and see you and Rachel off to your plane - if that would be okay?)

Oh yeah... and cosplay in the park... seems I may be doing it again in 9 days. XD;;; Oooooh yeah, somehow I've got a network now. *dies* I KNEW this year would get better.... it had to after everything that's happened to me so far, right? Now to get a new job and finish my demo and get a record deal. Yep, after the first half of this year... I'm aiming to do all of them -.-;

Everyone else have a good week?
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My father just died.

I don't really know how to take this. We weren't exactly close. Well, to put it plainly he hadn't talked to me in almost 20 years. But two years ago he approached me again. Said he wanted to get to know me. I didn't exactly give him a chance. I tried a little.... but I should have tried harder. He just wanted to make it right and stupid me had to be a selfish bitch. I really hate myself for it now.

I don't know how to take it. It wasn't supposed to be this way. Not at all.
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Quick update

Simply because I haven't logged on in ages. Sorry about that. Here's what's going on in my life:

Still hate my step father with a capital H.

Leaving tomorrow for con and to visit friends for 2 weeks.

Working on a demo (yes, you heard right. Finally doing something with my voice). Mostly I've decided on classical pieces. ^^; Still working out everything I want on it though. Once it's done I'll be posting MP3s up on Crimson Butterfly.

ZOMG OISHI IS VISITING ON THE 7TH OF NEXT MONTH! *bouncebouncebounce* No more spazz fit. I'm just glad I get to see her before she goes back to Japan <3 It will be epic and cosplay-y fun~ <3

Yep, other than that, my life still sucks and nothing really exciting to talk about other than RP (and dragging yet more friends into PoT fandom *evil laughter*)

Yep, okay I'm done~ <3
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Long time no log on.

I can't even say no update - as I've been updating my RP journals just fine. >.>;

Yep - nothing really to talk about on the whole.  Been playing too much WoW, probably more than can be good for me.  Still, I'm able to do other things while playing so I'm not completely hopelessly addicted... yet.  Hopefully.  Anyway, it's only for a short time.  It's not like I can afford to play it. @.@  It has been fun though.  I'll miss it when I don't have it anymore.

Other than that, nothing has really changed.  Still looking for a new job, though the more I look the more hopeless it seems to become.  Oh well. x.x I'll keep trying.  I can't stand not having money of my own. -.-

But enough about my boring life~ ^^; How are you guys? ^^ <3
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