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草加市 [userpic]

OMG, it's an update

April 23rd, 2011 (02:31 am)

My Soul Feels: bouncy
Dreaming on the Radio: Climax Jump (Hip-hop version) - AAA

No, I promise I'm still alive >.>;  I really am...  I just... don't remember to update this thing.  Also there's normally nothing to talk about.

However - there have been a few new things in my life so I figured I would write them here and stuff.


New fandoms.

Yep - you guys saw this coming.  I always post about my fandoms >.>;

That being said....

New fandoms, yo~Collapse )

Okay, moving on from that.  In other news, I am now a staffer at a new up-and-coming fandub site. ^^  Our first dub project is going to be Macross ^^  Soooo, I'll keep you guys posted as to when we hold auditions (first round auditions are done for now - but soon we'll set up a casting audition for it.  I'll keep you guys updated in case anyone wants to try out.)

Maa... I guess that's all?   Other than that my life sucks as usual ^^;  I miss spending time with my friends that are you know... not online.  I've been spending too much time watching shows or playing MMORPGs (now have gotten into LotRO - awesome game, and free to play~).  I've made quite a few friends from that and it's been... fun?  But I still wish I could get out and do stuff.  Maa~

Need to start working on cosplays again -.-;  SMILE, Philip, Hino Eiji, and Nagomi Ryoutarou are allllll coming with me to my next con @.@.

Bai for now~